Leaving a gift in your will

Remember a Charity in your Will Week

This week, we’re celebrating our 10th Remember A Charity Week and reminding people how easy it is to leave a gift in their Will to the causes they care about.

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Read Clive’s story to find out why your gift can be crucial in someone’s else’s wellbeing.

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A special way of supporting homeless people

Leaving a gift in your will is easier than you think, anyone, whether they’re wealthy or not can do it.

Once you’ve taken care of your loved ones, leaving a legacy – large or small could be a wonderful way to help people who are homeless.

Leaving a legacy means that we can provide wrap-around support such as counselling, employment programmes and social programmes, rather than just a place to sleep.

There are lots of solicitors who are members of the Law Society or are qualified Will-writing practitioners*, you can visit the Remember a Charity Website to find one in your area by clicking here

If you’re considering leaving a gift to Brighton YMCA in your Will, you will required the following information

Charity Name  Brighton Y.M.C.A
Address  Steine House, 55 Old Steine, Brighton, BN1 1NX
Registered Charity Number     800987



It helps us to know

If you have, or would like to, leave a legacy to Brighton YMCA in your will then it really helps us to know (but it’s entirely up to you whether you let us know or not).  If you would like to let us know then please fill in our Legacy Pledge Form and post or email it back to us.





    * according to Remember a Charity requirements.