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What an amazing success! In just one week, we have managed to move from 53 packs to 231 complete art and craft packs for our clients. Only 75 packs to go to ensure ALL our clients receive something to brighten their day in their mailbox.

Watch the video to hear Alex talk about the incredible help from our community and the rapid progression of our fundraising. Donations have come in fast since she last spoke about it.

CAN WE MAKE IT TO 306 COMPLETE PACKS by the end of the week? Please help us share the good news, share, like, comment and save. Follow the link or simply get in touch:


Can you make a change? This #WorldHomelessDay, we celebrate the change we were privileged to witness at Brighton YMCA.

The Brighton YMCA of today is so much more than just a roof. We provide a large array of services, centred on supporting our clients to have the best chance at recovery and a better life.


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