Training, Education and Employment

We tailor our formal and informal training to suit you the best.

We provide strength-based support and encouragement to achieve your employment aspirations.

We offer a wide range of training courses, seasonal classes and volunteering schemes and opportunities to learn indoors as well as outdoors. We acknowledge the need for different types of learning experiences and have designed all courses and classes to best suit you.

LASER accredited Life Skills Course

Based at George Williams Centre, this course is open to all Brighton and Hove supported housing residents. This is a popular Life Skills Course, providing workshops in three main areas: Cookery, Personal Development and Information Technology. Our Life Skills tutors are experienced and well trained. They all have experience in supported housing work and are therefore best placed to ensure attendees get the most out of the courses. For more information on the Life Skills course, click here.

Gardening groups

Many of our projects provide opportunities to learn the basics of gardening, while volunteering in the fresh air. From the highly praised gardening group at George Williams Centre to gardening groups which have transformed concrete environments into plant havens,we offer a wide range of options to learn skills in the garden. Gardening groups take place at: George Williams House, William Collier House and Stanley Court.

Cooking skills

If you prefer to learn through practice, the Coffee Bar at William Collier House might be the right place for you. This is a resident-led café open 3 times a day in the communal lounge. You could be part of the team of up to 12 Coffee Bar Assistant Volunteers and one Coffee Bar Team Leader.

‘Coffee bar assistants are at the heart of our community and they not only provide hot drinks but company and a meeting point for their fellow residents.’ (Helene Begg, manager)

William Collier House also have a bi-monthly Baking Group which teaches baking skills in a relaxed environment.

Bicycle Repair and Maintenance

Are you a keen cyclist or just a beginner? Do you have an old bike and would you like to learn how to fix it? Or do you think you might enjoy learning how to repair a bike, but you don’t own your own at the moment? The bicycle repair and maintenance group, held at Fred Emery Court and open to everyone living at Brighton YMCA, involves you in the repair of old bikes. Once fixed, you get to keep the bike.


Our volunteering scheme gives you an opportunity to be involved in the project, while gaining useful skills. You can get involved in the various activities existing at the project or decide to represent your peers in meetings with management and Brighton YMCA’s Head Office.

Work and Learning days, fair and drop-ins

These are all opportunities to find out what else happens in the city. Organisations such as First Base, BHT Intern programme Band of Brothers, the Steine’s Life Skills course, Recovery College and Albion in the community offer information on other learning opportunities across Brighton and Hove.

Opportunities for self-expression

Our Art and Music Groups are run by experienced and dedicated staff and offer our clients opportunities to express themselves. You can see the latest Art Projects here.

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