Health and Wellbeing

We believe that a healthy lifestyle leads to emotional wellbeing.

We encourage a healthy lifestyle, which combines a good diet comprised of fresh vegetable and fruit, exercise and emotional wellbeing, through a variety of channels:

Counselling service

At Brighton YMCA we are always committed to improving our service to meet the needs of the people we house. In recent years we have consulted with staff and residents who said that in-house counselling would really improve our service provision. Brighton YMCA’s Counselling Service is a free service to residents. We offer 12 sessions with a practitioner who is trained in Advanced Integrative Counselling and Therapy. Anyone who would like to access the service may wish to speak to their keyworker and request a referral. For more information, see here.

Wellbeing days

William Collier House hold regular wellbeing days throughout the year. Experienced health practitioners offer Reiki, reflexology, hand and face massages, acupuncture, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Mindfulness, Surf Therapy, acupuncture, meditation and Tai Chi classes. Pathways to Health, Southdown Recovery Centre and Mind Out attend the day on a regular basis. Coffee bar volunteers prepare lunch in-house. Traditionally, this includes homemade soup or stew and healthy juices to replenish the body.

‘Whilst Brighton and Hove are seeing alternative therapies blossom, most of our clients are unable to afford those therapies. We have been hosting quarterly Wellbeing Days at William Collier House to breach this gap for the past two years. We work in collaboration with health practitioners to open up the avenues our clients can look into to address their issues.’

(Helene Begg, William Collier House manager)

Other wellbeing initiatives:

  • Weekly relaxation sessions with Yoga Nidra take place every Thursday at William Collier House. Studies have suggested that practising relaxation helps with insomnia, anxiety, depression, addiction, and chronic pain.
  • Wellbeing walks are planned, regular opportunities to explore the seaside and landmarks of Brighton and the Sussex countryside whilst staying fit and enjoying the fresh air. These are organised at: William Collier House and Fred Emery Court.
  • Tai Chi classes take place every Thursday from 1pm to 2pm at William Collier House. Anyone living at Brighton YMCA is welcome. Please get in touch with your keyworker if you would like to attend a taster session.
  • Art Sessions with Creative Futures are open to all Brighton YMCA clients every Wednesday from 12 till 2pm. Please see this link  for further information.
  • Sign up to our ‘weekly bag of shopping’ schemes, run with FareShare, and you are one step closer to making healthier daily food choices. Enquire in-house if this is available at your project.
  • BHT provide a fortnightly sexual health drop-in at William Collier House, offering: sexual health advice, screening and referrals as well as providing condoms.
  • At the monthly Oral Health Clinic at William Collier House you will receive oral health advice on: brushing the teeth, impact of methadone on dental health, referrals to Morley Street Dental Team and much more.
  • At the fortnightly NHS Health Checks drop-in at William Collier House you can be screened for health issues such as: diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and dementia. HIV, Chlamydia and Hep C screening days also take place at William Collier House.
  • Healthy eating groups take place at most Brighton YMCA projects. Please enquire with your keyworker for further details.
  • Our gardening groups offer friendly and relaxed opportunities to discover a new skill while enjoying the fresh air. Stanley Court, George Williams Mews and William Collier House all have gardening groups.
  • Fred Emery Court’s bicycle repair and maintenance group is open to everyone living at Brighton YMCA. You’ll gain new skills while getting your bike repaired!
  • Recovery Meetings: held every Monday and Thursday from 11am to 12.30pm at George Williams Mews and open to all who have or have had a history of substance use and would like to share their experiences and get support from trained staff.

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