‘It is a safe place to talk about difficult stuff. It equips me with tools to manage my emotions, and that includes learning new coping mechanisms. I can look at things in ways I haven’t thought of before. I can attach weight to positive things and diminish the weight of the negative things. It helps me to develop great insight into my thoughts, feelings and behaviours and to understand why I react in certain ways in particular situations.’

Brighton YMCA Counselling Client

‘I have struggled with stress and anxiety for years. Coming for counselling has enabled me to get these worries under control, before it gets worse and escalates where I feel like I’m breaking down.’

Brighton YMCA Counselling Client

The counselling has felt like a rock to me.

‘I have had real difficulty accessing mental health services in Brighton. The counselling has felt like a rock for me, where I’ve felt lost without one. I feel I can express my thoughts and feelings here, without judgement, and feel safe. I always leave feeling so much better. Until now, I have found it so hard to find people who understand my mental health problems.’

Brighton YMCA Counselling Client

‘It’s so exciting that Brighton YMCA have set up a counselling service exclusively for our residents. It means that waiting times, both for assessments and for counselling sessions are really short, 1-2 weeks rather than months. Our rooms, based at Steine House, are calm, comfortable and private spaces and, whatever you choose to bring to counselling, you will be received with warmth and empathy. If you’ve ever wondered about having counselling, this is a great opportunity to give it a try.’

Clare Burholt, Counsellor