Our service is essential for the people of Brighton and Hove.

We work in partnership with our STAR workers, helping clients move on and ensuring their transition with moving into the community is as supported as possible. Our psychological support and the information we supply on how they can access things once in the community form a bridge into independence for our clients.

We self-fund the service.

With external funding, we would be able to augment the breath of our service and also to offer other therapies and intervention which we have witnessed would make a visible difference.

Our priority, upon receiving funding would be to start offering pre-trial counselling.

Our why:

Private counselling is often too costly and counselling services in the community are difficult to access. Local counselling services find it difficult to effectively engage with clients with multiple complex needs and often the client would be discharged from the service for lack of engagement.

By providing free, easily accessible and flexible counselling to our clients, we can support them in overcoming the many existing barriers to emotional wellbeing and stable accommodation.

Brighton YMCA counselling is available in more than one place: George Williams Mews, William Collier House and Steine House. This increased accessibility has resulted in a marked boost in engagement.

Last year, we provided 348 counselling hours to 44 clients