Leslie Best House

Leslie Best House
Providence Place

Tel: 01273 818912
Email: ana.fabra@brightonymca.co.uk

Email: ana.fabra@brightonymca.co.uk

About the project

We offer supported housing to 11 women in one bedroom flats based in the London Road area of Brighton.

How can I get a place here?

All referrals are made through Brighton and Hove City Council. More information on how to access housing.

We are unable to offer permanent accommodation. This accommodation is aimed at helping you to get ready for moving to greater independence.


At Leslie Best House, staff are available for advice and support during the week, as follows: Mon-Thursday 7.30pm-5pm and Friday 9.30-2.30pm.
As part of your support plan, you will be assigned a key worker who will support you in identifying and achieving goals to help you move into independent housing.


We are a small and peaceful project. We often collaborate with Stanley Court in making sure that the best service is offered to you. Here are some of the activities you will be able to access, either on site or at Stanley Court:

  • Our volunteering scheme gives you an opportunity to be involved in the project, while gaining useful skills.
  • We have a small garden at Leslie Best House and are always looking for volunteers to maintain it and get involved.
  • There are opportunities to hold summer barbecues with involvement from our residents.