What is ‘Service User Involvement’?

Service User Involvement is about making sure people who use our service are at the heart of everything.

We want our clients to have a real influence in the way we run – whether it be through ‘having a say’ or through being a part of the delivery of services.

Any little helps!

There are micro-involvements such as being able to input when or where an activity should be, through to big-impact involvements like providing peer support, running an event/activity, or being a part of our Client Services Advisory Group where we discuss and design different elements of Brighton YMCA.

Why does it matter?

‘Rather than things being done to me or for me, or being told about decisions, I want to be a part of it, a part of the decisions, doing things in partnership with other people.

That’s better for me, my skills and confidence, and it’s better for whatever I’m involved in as well to have my perspective.’

Service User Involvement helps develop the skills of those who get involved and puts us in a better position to help people in the future.

Clients who get involved grow in confidence because they know that their opinions are valued, they can gain skills through training and expand their social circles.

Brighton YMCA improves because of this. We get the opinions and ideas of those who know our service most, the people who are experts by experience!

We have a dedicated Client Involvement Strategy Manager, Client Involvement Coordinators in each project and Client Representatives in each project to make sure Service User Involvement is embedded in everything we do.

What we’re already doing

Brighton YMCA’s Local Offers are our promises to our service users about the services we provide.

They cover four key areas of service provision – Involvement and Empowerment, Home, Income, and Neighbourhood and Communities.

Our service users have worked closely with us to make sure these services meet their needs.


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