‘Brighton YMCA is the best supported housing in Brighton’. (Fred Emery Court, Client Satisfaction Survey)

‘All the girls in the office have been a tremendous support to me in the last twelve months on every level [of support]’. ( Stanley Court, Client Satisfaction survey)

‘I have always received excellent support from all staff in the YMCA. Any concerns or issues I may have, have always been dealt with, with excellent sufficiency. All staff in all YMCAs do an amazing job and receive my ultimate respect.’ (Leslie Best House, Client Satisfaction Survey)

‘The YMCA organisation have helped me immensely by giving me a stable environment. This has enabled me to address my health issues and make good progress on an alcohol [issue] I only suspected that I had. 10 out of 10 for effort. Thanks for all the help.’ (George Williams Mews, Client Exit Survey)

‘Want to thank all the staff for the support they have given me. Thanks everyone and the staff very very much.’ (William Collier House, Client Exit Survey)