Taking a stand against racism


Brighton YMCA is taking a stand against racism and we are committed to addressing racial inequality in our organisation.

The death of George Floyd and the subsequent momentum sparked global recognition of the racism that is deep rooted in our societies.
Ethnic diversity should be celebrated and those from a minority ethnic background deserve to live, work and thrive in a place free of discrimination. The people we house are at the heart of what we do and we want those from ethnic minority backgrounds to feel safe and supported in their homes.
In order to value all ethnicities, we need to be anti-racist and look within our own practices to address the areas where racial inequality may occur.

What we’ve done

·       Conducted an employee survey exploring racial inequality in the workplace

·       Appointed Champions to implement changes across projects

·       Arranged regular meetings with Champions to develop initial actions

·       Joined the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion

What we’re planning on doing

·       Developing a Lead role for BYMCA to work solely on eradicating racism from the workplace

·       Organising further training for employees, including unconscious bias and inclusive recruitment

·       Implementing a procedure specific to incidents of racism

·       Examining our recruitment process

·       Creating a workplace diversity report

We understand the importance of being anti-racist and commit to continuing the conversation until we have eradicated racism from our organisation.


Sarah Lobo and Jamima Grossett

On behalf of Brighton YMCA