This Christmas, clients and staff at Brighton YMCA are coming together to thank domestic abuse organisation The Rita Project for dedicating their Christmas giving campaign to them and raising 40 nail kits for homeless women in time for Christmas.

The Rita Project created and donated 40 easy to use nail kits to women in Brighton YMCA accommodation. The nail kits,  compiled from generous donations from individuals and companies via an amazon wishlist, were delivered just in time for Christmas to 29 homeless women living at William Collier House and 11 women housed in Brighton YMCA’s women’s only facility.

Brighton YMCA are particularly grateful for such donations at Christmas. Homelessness takes everything away. A simple act of self-care like taking time to tend to their nails can make a big difference to the lives of the women housed by the organisation and could be a first step on their journey to recovery.

Madelaine Hunter-Taylor, Director of The Rita Project, said: ‘We’re very grateful to our supporters for helping us to achieve our goal of 40 nail kits for women living within hostels in Brighton and Hove. This seemingly small gesture will mean a lot for those living in a hostel setting this Christmas.’

Brighton YMCA would like to extend their thanks to The Rita Project for this wonderful donation as well as all their support and dedication throughout the year:

‘Many of the women we house find an oasis when they arrive at Brighton YMCA, often coming from unstable and insecure environments. However, few are able to find time or resources to focus on themselves. In extreme financial need and often having families and children whom they prioritise, it is easy for the women we house to treat themselves and their own mental and physical well-being as less than a priority.’

‘We are grateful for The Rita’s Project beautiful initiative. A simple act of self-care can go a long way, particularly at Christmas, which can be an extremely difficult time for anyone experiencing homelessness. Thank you, The Rita’s Project, for this thoughtful and useful gift and for your unwavering support to our cause.’ (Alexandra Cuncev, Brighton YMCA Media Manager)