CLIVE’S STORY: It is ok to feel vulnerable

In Brighton it is hard to walk down the street without seeing someone who is homeless.  Clive was found unconscious in the street, with hypothermia and in cardiac arrest prior to moving into Brighton YMCA.

This is his story.

‘I was born only down the road, in Brighton. Not long ago I was working for a company building electronic cabinets – populating, assembling, and wiring components. I’ve been in the electrical line since I was 18.’

‘That’s when my drinking started. It became worse whilst I cared for my partner. I was a full-time carer for two years until she passed away. I put myself through the mill. You’re there for people you care about. ‘

‘I was homeless before I moved to Brighton YMCA. I was found unconscious in the street, with hypothermia and a cardiac arrest.’

Clive now lives at Brighton YMCA, where he receives support tailored to his needs. He is particularly grateful for the RECOVERY GROUP run by Su.

‘After the recovery group with Su, I feel lighter. Very much lighter. Like anything that had been bothering me had got off my shoulders and I can go about my business with a spring in my step. We all know we’re looking out for each other.’

‘Su is a great facilitator. She is open; I respect her voice. I look forward to every Monday.

‘Perhaps being an adult, you feel like you should be strong enough to do it. The group helped me realise it is ok to be vulnerable.’ (Clive, client at Brighton YMCA)

We know that a roof over someone’s head is not enough.  Without wrap-around services people are trapped in the revolving door of homelessness.  Legacies, however large or small will help us provide vital and tailored support.

Brighton YMCA are promoting legacies so that people understand even a small gift can have a massive impact.  A gift of £100 could provide emergency food packs for 20 people when they need it most.

£400 could provide a 12-week programme of counselling to help a client address the horrific issues that they’ve faced.  Allowing them to move-on to build a new life.  Clive feels ‘much, much lighter’ after attending recovery group each Monday.

£1,000 could provide a suite of wrap-around support for someone, combining counselling, life skills with employment support.  Making the difference between someone living independently for a few weeks and someone truly thriving long term.


Once you’ve taken care of your loved ones, if you pass on something wonderful to Brighton YMCA, you’ll change a homeless person’s life… someone like Clive.

Join us this week in spreading this important message.