Cupcakes and cross-stitches – talented YMCA resident runs workshop at EVOLVE Cafe

On Wednesday 20th of June, Café EVOLVE drop-in held their first CUPCAKE DAY. The day was a huge success. Our guest tutor Brenda Smith, who lives at Fred Emery House, taught all people present to make cupcakes and and then decorate them using different decorating techniques


The day was so successful, that we are already planning the next one! Stay tuned for dates and timings, and definitely keep an eye out for our special Halloween cupcake decorating session!


Talented Brenda told us about her other passion, which is cross stitch embroidery. We were in awe at the finished artwork she showed us. Here she is, talking about her hobby:

‘I have been interested in and working cross stitch embroidery for several years, I have books with the diagrams that I follow. Recently I have been purchasing a monthly magazine and have been  following  diagrams of portraits.  I started with a portrait of Michael Jackson which I have now finished and I am really happy with the result. I have gone on to create several more. These include singers, actors, actresses and sports celebrities. I have always liked to have something to occupy myself while sitting down in the evenings. This type of work occupies the mind and the  completed piece of work looks amazing. I now plan to create a gallery of this work in the corridors at Fred Emery Court.’

Thank you, Brenda and hope to see you soon!

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