Charity clothes swap benefits YMCA residents and the environment

This May Avalara, a global VAT automation business, organised a clothes swap event at their Brighton offices. The staff donated their clothes and on a designated day they swapped or bought them.

All the money raised from the clothes swap was donated to Leslie Best House as they decided to support the only female project in the local area.  They searched for local charities around the city and they found Leslie Best House to be the best to donate the clothes and the money to us.

We feel honoured to have been chosen!

Avalara’s staff visited Leslie Best House to give their donation and said they really appreciated the project. They felt it was providing something unique  in the city, as women’s only housing.

This Charity clothes swap event inspired the Leslie Best wom

en to have a sort out in their wardrobes and they contributed their own clothes for others to make use of like Avalara did. In the end, this event was very beneficial for all who participated.


Julie Desborough, Leslie Best House Manager, said: ‘All the clothes found new owners and this made them very happy and also saved the environment.’

Leslie Best House will use the money donated from Avalara to  improve their psychologically improved environment. At the same time, part of the money will also go towards buying  a coffee machine, as was suggested by one of the residents.