YMCA Brighton celebrate Restorative Justice Brighton’s certified Training Award by Minister

We are excited to celebrate an important milestone for the Restorative Justice Practice initiative in Brighton and Hove.

Julie Desborough, Deputy Manager of Leslie Best House and Anita, Project worker at Fred Emery Court, attended the Restorative Justice Council held at the British Airways i360 on 15th March 2018. The event brought together Police and Crime Commissioners and their commissioned Victims Services who focus on safe and restorative services.

The event was attended by Dr. Phillip Lee from the Ministry of Justice and Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner. Dr. Philip Lee and Katy Bourne updated the public on Restorative Justice Practises not only in Brighton and Hove but across different parts of the country.

Restorative justice brings those harmed by crime or conflict and those responsible for the harm into communication, enabling everyone affected by a particular incident to play a part in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward. In his speech, the minister spoke about the positive and empowering experience that restorative justice can be for victims, and the importance of high quality restorative justice services.

Dr Lee presented Brighton and Hove City Council’s restorative training team with the Training Provider Quality Mark (TPQM). The TPQM is a quality mark for restorative training providers. It enables training providers to show that they have been externally recognised, while also giving commissioners and learners confidence that the training delivered meets recognised standards.

The honorary guests were invited for a ride up in the !360 afterwards. Anita and Julie said: ‘Going up on the !360 for the first time and seeing Brighton from above was amazing!’

In the images, Dr Philip Lee from the Ministry of Justice and Tim Read and Kate Hopkins receiving their certificate as accredited Restorative Practice Training Providers.

Massive congratulations to Tim and Kate for leading an extremely worthwhile, professional and visionary service.

Kerry Stevens from Brighton YMCA’s Head Office said: ‘We are really glad to be involved in such an amazing initiative. Congratulations to Tim and Kate for all their effort and commitment!’

Restorative Justice run regular workshops in Brighton and Hove. Find out more here.