Nick runs Half Marathon for Indian Futures

Vedanthangal01-002089The dedication and hard work of the Indian Futures team has inspired another Brighton YMCA staff member to raise money for the charity. Nick Levett, Move-on Co-ordinator at Brighton YMCA, is going to run the Brighton Half Marathon this Sunday. There is still time to support his cause.

In his JustGiving posting, Nick talks about discovering the benefits of training for long-distance runs.



Indian Futures

Indian Futures has been created to help improve the standards of living of both rural and urban communities in South India. They support educational, health, women’s empowerment and other community development projects. More than anything, Indian Futures want their projects to have a  real impact on the lives of the people they work with. They want South Indian communities to flourish, not just by covering basic needs but by providing our beneficiaries with the necessary tools towards their own growth and self-development.

All the money raised by supporting Nick will go towards providing computers and hiring and training IT teachers for 19 after-school support centres in Vedanthangal and Vandavasi, two rural areas in Tamil Nadu, about 50 miles South West of Chennai, the state’s capital city. The areas have a population of around 14,000 inhabitants, 70% of whom belong to the Dalit caste (formerly known as the Untouchables), the poorest and most discriminated caste in India.

Support Nick on his Justgiving page.