MAKE CHANGE COUNT – Help us help others

We are proud to announce that we have joined MAKE CHANGE COUNT, a Brighton and Hove initiative raising awareness of charity and rough sleeping.

We are aligning ourselves with Brighton and Hove City Council, ClockTower Sanctuary, Sussex NightStop, Antifreeze, BHT, StMungos and Equinox in asking people to help rough sleepers by donating to recognised organisations and not giving on the street.

We believe that by working together we have a stronger voice in raising awareness about what support is available in the city for people sleeping rough and offering advice on how best to help.

It is very important to remember that there is practical and extremely efficient support available all year round for rough sleepers. Giving money on the street can be counter-productive and lead to people staying in their current situation for longer, whilst directing people to the right services and the right level of support can lead to faster recovery and that person getting off the street much sooner.

There are specialised organisations in Brighton and Hove making sure that those in need have hot meals, access to shower facilities, clothing and support from outreach workers to move people away from the street to rebuild their lives. We are proudly one of those organisations, with a track record of efficiency, highly skilled workers and a culture of always prioritising client’s best interest.

All money donated will go directly to people sleeping rough and will be used to provide food, access to shower facilities, healthcare, clothing and support from outreach workers to move people away from the street, as well as a wide range of practical help to suit individual needs.

No funds raised will be used for administration of the charities.

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough in England or Wales, you can use the Streetlink website to send an alert. The details you provide are sent to the local authority or outreach service for the area in which you have seen the person, to help them find the individual and connect them to support ( or 0300 500 0914). Outreach workers are experienced in supporting people to move away from the streets.

If you would like to support the MAKE CHANGE COUNT campaign, please donate.