Thank you Ian and Brenda!

by Sarah, Anita, Annabel and Elaine

This quarter we have received not one, but two nominations for recognition of outstanding work!

Firstly we heard from Annabel and Elaine, who wanted to say a huge Thank you to Ian Brindley for helping out so much at Steine House. From helping with shopping, to walking Elaine’s dog Pip, Ian is always willing to pitch in and assist in any way he can. So Ian, on behalf of Annabel, Elaine, Pip and everyone at Steine House, we would like to say a huge Thank you! Your daily contributions are greatly appreciated.



Next we received a nomination from Anita at Fred Emery Court, who wanted to say Thank you to Brenda for all her amazing contributions. Anita said: ‘All of us at Fred Emery Court would like to nominate Brenda for acknowledgement this quarter, not only for being a conscientious resident representative, but also for the hard work she did with the gorgeous buffet, the Christmas cake and the decorations in the lobby and throughout the building. Thank you Brenda! Thank you for decorating Fred Emery Court over the Christmas period. Everyone commented on how fabulous the decorations were!’

If you would like to say thank you to someone at the YMCA who gives their time to help out or volunteer
then speak to a member of staff or email: