‘Best thing today!’ YMCA Brighton art exhibition impresses through professionalism and quality

stephen mundy and manager heleneVisitors to Brighton during its final festival weekend had the opportunity to view the ‘really inspiring and thought-provoking’ work of a group of homeless people.

William Collier House opened their doors to visitors on Saturday 28th of May, between 11am-4pm. The exhibition was organised by one of the residents, Stephen Mundy, project worker Tabatha Kittrell and manager Helene Begg. Stephen Mundy exhibited his work, alongside other participants residing at William Collier House and other Brighton YMCA projects.

A total of 104 visitors enjoyed the Open House style exhibition that Saturday, and feedback from all was very positive. The exhibition was praised for its professionalism and the high quality of the work shown. Here are some of the comments on the day:

‘Fantastic, I hope to see more of all these artists in the future!’

‘Thank you so much, we came to do the Artists’ Open House trail but came across you. Best thing today. Very inspired – keep up your work!’

‘Very impressed with the talent displayed at the exhibition. Feeling very inspired.’

tabithaThe exhibition also made a positive impact on William Collier House residents. The hostel aims to provide their residents with an open, friendly and empowering environment, which should help them build resilience and improve their wellbeing.

About the exhibition, residents said the reception area looked very welcoming and it was inspiring to see so much colour and creativity on display. One participant said ‘there was a very good vibe’ on the day.

All visitors voted for their favourite piece and a painting by Adrian Ore (who lives at Brighton YMCA’s Stanley Court) won the voting contest. The painting depicts a beautiful Sussex landscape and it was sent to Creative Futures, who offered to submit it to the Big Issue for their next issue. If it is printed, Adrian will receive a money prize, which will help fund his artistic pursuits in the months to come.

The exhibition would not have taken place without the involvement of the Wood Recycling Project, who lent William Collier House their A4 display board and some boards to hang the pictures on. ‘We would really like to thank the Wood Recycling Project for their generosity and for getting involved in with such a good cause’ said Helene Begg, William Collier House’s manager.