Anya and Megan’s Abseil on Peacehaven Cliffs

On July 17th, Megan Richardson, a resident at George Williams Mews, and Anya Wilkinson, Senior Admin and Lifeskills Tutor, braved the Peacehaven Cliffs for charity. The two abseiling enthusiasts did a sponsored abseil on Peacehaven cliffs in order to raise money for Martlets Hospice. Such a worthy cause and such stunning pictures! Well done, Anya […]

‘Best thing today!’ YMCA Brighton art exhibition impresses through professionalism and quality

Visitors to Brighton during its final festival weekend had the opportunity to view the ‘really inspiring and thought-provoking’ work of a group of homeless people. William Collier House opened their doors to visitors on Saturday 28th of May, between 11am-4pm. The exhibition was organised by one of the residents, Stephen Mundy, project worker Tabatha Kittrell […]