Team Brighton YMCA raise almost £2,500 by running Brighton Half Marathon

noel and kerry on their runYMCA workmates Noeleen Connolly and Kerry Stevens, who have been training together for the Brighton Half Marathon, finished the race at the same time. Noeleen, Kerry and the rest of the team have raised £2,333 so far. Some of the funds will be put toward two exciting projects that will benefit homeless people in Brighton and Hove.

Noeleen and Kerry first met for a training run before Christmas. They both enjoyed the experience of running together and preparing for the race ahead: ‘It felt supportive’ said Noeleen. On the day of the Brighton half, Noeleen and Kerry met around the 3 miles mark and ran together for the remaining 10.1 miles. ‘We supported each other and we were very proud to finish together in 2 hours and 6 minutes.’ This was Noeleen’s first half marathon, and she is already planning for the next one.

Kerry said: ‘It was very enjoyable to run together with my workmate and training partner, with the added motivation of both fundraising for the same charity. We really helped each other along the way, we pulled each other along. Noeleen’s pace was faster than I was comfortable with initially, then towards the end we helped each other keep that good pace.’ Following a long streak of bad weather, Brighton Half Marathon took place on a beautiful sunny day.

Team Brighton YMCA, made up of 12 runners and many supporters, started the day from their base at Brighton YMCA’s Head Office – Steine House, which was on the Half Marathon route. Shawn Timmons, employed at Brighton YMCA and running for Team Brighton YMCA, said: ‘I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work the runners and staff put into making the Half Marathon a success. I thought it was great for us as an organisation to pull together and do something like this. It has created a really good feeling amongst everyone I have spoken to.’

Natasha Hooper, Assistant Chief Executive and volunteer on the day said: “Having Brighton YMCA staff running in the Brighton Half marathon for the first time proved to be a great success. Everyone involved has been overwhelmed by the support, encouragement and generosity of the people who donated and came on the day to support us. Getting ready for the half marathon was a real team effort, with staff and clients from across the organisation joining in by either running, volunteering on the day or making banners and flags. This was a fantastic achievement and an extraordinary fundraising effort – we have in fact more than doubled our initial fundraising target.”

Ohome-img-03n the 16th of February 2014 Team Brighton YMCA raised £2,333. Part of the money will go towards Brighton YMCA’s participation in the Brighton Fringe 2014, which will enable YMCA clients to showcase their artwork, tell their story and promote the therapeutic benefits of art. The money will also fund new computers at William Collier House, which will enable the residents to apply for benefits and look for jobs online.