Barbecue organised by YMCA volunteers raises money for the Rainbow Fund

ThisPic 2 summer, volunteers from several Brighton YMCA projects decided to organise barbecues as an opportunity to wind down, but also whilst raising money for valuable causes and involving other charities important to the community and connecting with ex-residents.

George Williams Mews’ late autumn barbecue saw the 25 attendees preparing food and setting up the barbecue before sitting down to relax. All the food was provided by FareShare. The friendly atmosphere got positive feedback from all involved.

The Pride barbeque held at Fred Emery Court raised £43.00 for the Rainbow Fund. The turnout was fantastic –residents were joined by clients from all over Brighton YMCA. It was a great afternoon despite the weather! Liam, one of the people who volunteered to organise it, said:

‘The event was well attended and the food was delicious! The positive outcomes were the sense of community and the thought of others who many not have known such a charity existed.”

Stanley Court invited people who used to live at the project to join them in their summer barbecue celebrations. This was a great opportunity to share move on experiences and see how everyone was getting on since leaving Stanley Court.