Fundraise to End Homelessness

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Brighton YMCA provides great accommodation; support focusing on the goals that are important to our clients; Health & wellbeing services; and work & learning services. Combined these ensure that the people in our services are able to rebuild lives and move to a more secure future, we need you to help fundraise for us to continue to provide these valuable services.

Please donate

to help us continue supporting homeless people to achieve their goals.

Nominate us!

Does your school/ church/ club organise fundraising events? Why not ask if they would like to support Brighton YMCA next time?

Do you pass by Waitrose, ASDA, Tesco or Sainsbury’s on your way home? Did you know that most supermarkets have Local Charity Schemes? If you nominate Brighton YMCA , we have a chance to get financial or volunteer support for a month or a whole year! Here’s an example of such a scheme.

Do your friends or family work for another company? Why not ask them if their employer runs nomination schemes? Last year alone we received £500 from two such schemes. You might find that companies like to prioritise those charities their employees are somehow linked with.

Shop, Run & Bake for us!

Do you do your shopping online? Register with us and we will get donations every time you shop, at no cost to you!
Follow the competitions at #charitytuesday or on our Facebook account, and you run a chance to win a gift for yourself and a larger donation for us.

Do you run/ cycle/ swim/ bunjee jump? You can always fundraise for us. Enquire with:

Do you like to bake/ sow/ cook for friends/ organise events? You could be doing what you like, while fundraising for us. Enquire with: [please note, this area is still developing]
If you are thinking of making a nomination, or simply telling your friends more about us, feel free to use this leaflet. Also get in touch if you have made a nomination, so we can update you on its progress.

Other Ways to Donate

Text donations: Whatever mobile network you are on, simply text BYMC11 and an amount of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070.

Leaving a legacy: At Brighton YMCA, we will use your gift wisely and effectively, to help people in housing need receive the best care and housing support. You may also be able to reduce inheritance-tax liability on your estate, as legacies to a registered charity are free. If you are thinking of leaving us a gift in your will, please contact us for more information.

Gift aid us: If you are a UK taxpayer, the Gift Aid Scheme allows charities to increase the value of your donation by reclaiming tax from HM Revenue & Customs. In this way every £1 donated to Brighton YMCA can be increased in value to £1.25. If you pay tax to the Government and would like your donation increased through Gift Aid at no cost to you please download and complete the gift aid form and return to us.